How You Can Enjoy Fresh Meals Everyday Without Cooking?

How It Works?

Choose your meal plan

Choose how many meals you’d like to recieve - 6, 7, 8 or 10?

Choose your meals

Every week you can choose from over 30 different dishes our dieticians and chefs prepared for you!

Select delivery date

Choose when you’d like to recieve your delicious delivery.

Heat up & enjoy!

Once delivered, our meals stay fresh for a week so you can heat them up and enjoy whenever you want!

Plan your menu

Choose 6, 7, 8 or 10 meals for the week out of the 30 meals created by our chefs. Then choose the delivery date that most suits you.

Our chefs will get cooking right away!

After you place your order we will start cooking your meals with local ingredietns and no artificial flavouring.

We will pack each box securely for the journey to your doorstep

Every meal is packaged using an air-tight vaccum that makes our meals stay fresh for a week! We also use eco-friendly packaging and cool packs to deliver your order safely to you.

Take any meal out of the fridge, heat it up and enjoy!

All you have to do is choose which meal you want to eat, heat it up and enjoy anywhere you want - at work, on the couch at home or share with friends.

Sustainable Packaging

Our meals come in packaging made from recyclable materials. With your help, we can ensure Freshweek doesn’t impact our planet negatively!

Recycling Freshweek boxes helps us be more sustainable and eco-friendly!


How do I place an order?

To place your order, simply click “Order now” on our website, choose your delivery date, address and the meals you want to order. After that wait for your first Freshweek delivery and enjoy!

When do you deliver the meals?

When placing your order you can choose the delivery date that suits you the most. Our meals are delivered weekly on the same day of the week, unless you change your delivery date on your account.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the amount of meals you want to receive for the week. We offer plans with 6 meals for 10,90 € per meal, plans with 7 meals for 10,20 € per meal, plans with 8 meals for 9,55 € per meal and plans with 10 meals for 8,85 € per meal. When choosing a subscription, the prices are lower at9,81 € per meal on a 6-meal plan, 9,20 € per meal on a 7-meal plan, 8,60 € per meal on a 8-meal plan and 7,95 € per meal on a 10-meal plan. For detailed information about pricing, please visit our Plans & Pricing page.

Can I choose my meals?

Yes! When placing your order you can choose whichever meals you’d like from our selection. If you order in a subscription, the meals you choose when placing your first order will become your default order (meaning we will deliver this set of meals to you every week, unless you change them), however, you can always change them on your account.

Do I need to have a subscription?

No. You can order Freshweek as a one-time purchase without a subscription.

Can I order multiple plans on one account?

Yes. You can order multiple plans on one account, both one-time purchases and subscriptions. To manage them all, go to your account and click on “My Orders” on the left.